Message from the Head of Undergraduate Programs

In light of Plato’s stipulation that the spirit of philosophy must be “synoptic,” the undergraduate programs in philosophy at UQAM (bachelor’s degree, major and minor) provide a wide range of teachings that address all aspects of the discipline: the fields (logic, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, political philosophy), the periods (from antiquity to the contemporary period) and the traditions (phenomenology, analytic philosophy, continental philosophy, etc.).

Structured to facilitate a well-reasoned academic progression, these programs bring together thematic and historical introductory courses that present all the major themes and philosophical lines of thought, and advanced courses that explore current issues on a deeper level or that examine the major figures in the history of philosophy. In addition to providing the option of taking courses in other disciplines to broaden students’ general culture, these programs also offer an introduction to teaching through college-level teaching practicums in philosophy.

As a complement to academic instruction, UQAM’s Department of Philosophy offers a series of extracurricular activities throughout the year, such as conferences, colloquiums, public demonstrations, etc., that bring together teachers and students and that create one of the liveliest and most dynamic places in Canada to practice philosophy on a daily basis.

Vincent Guillin