Message from the Head of Graduate Programs

UQAM’s graduate programs in philosophy prepare students to teach or conduct research in philosophy at advanced levels through global and intensive training. The programs involve discussion seminars rather than large lectures and they also include research and teaching activities and active participation in the intellectual life of the Department (departmental conferences, colloquiums, reading groups).

Students in our graduate programs are expected to develop advanced skills in the various fields of philosophy (ethics and political philosophy, epistemology and metaphysics, philosophy of mind and history of philosophy) and to develop research and teaching skills.

Our master’s program provides students with the education needed to enter the best doctorate programs or to teach at the college level. In addition to the regular research profile, a master’s student may also choose a specialized focus through one of the following three concentrations:

  • A concentration in cognitive science
  • A concentration in feminist studies
  • A concentration in teaching college-level philosophy

Our doctorate program trains future researchers and university professors through a high-level education in the research fields in which our professors have gained national and international recognition.

To ensure that students can study and conduct research under the best conditions possible, the Department offers several forms of financial aid, such as recruitment scholarships, regular scholarships, research assistant positions, and positions as proofreaders, coaches and instructors. We also help students with the process required to obtain financial aid from grant organizations in Quebec, Canada and around the world.

Dario Perinetti