The master’s degree in our Department is a research-based degree that also includes coursework, research guidance and a thesis.

Students expand their knowledge through coursework in the main fields of contemporary philosophy, such as logic, philosophy of language and philosophy of mathematics, ethics, philosophy of law and political philosophy, history of philosophy, philosophy of mind and of cognitive science, ontology and metaphysics, and philosophy of natural science and social science. Our program is distinctive in that it focuses on issues in contemporary philosophy, it is set at the crossroads of the analytic and continental traditions and it also draws on the history of philosophy.

The research guidance activities guide students through each step leading up to the writing of their thesis. They include guided research supervised by a professor in the Department in preparation for the student’s thesis, and two research seminars. In these seminars, students must defend before a jury of three professors a text that both describes their thesis project and explains their progress in the work. This collective and ongoing guidance is one of the master’s program’s strong points.

Recipients of a master’s degree in philosophy from UQAM enjoy direct access to doctoral programs in philosophy in most major North American and European universities. As well, the accent on training for and through research and the focus on acquiring argumentation skills make our program an excellent entry point for doctoral studies in other disciplines in the human or social sciences and for positions requiring such skills. The program also provides sound preparation and an incontestable advantage to those wanting to teach philosophy at the college level.