Students in the doctorate program expand their knowledge in the main fields of philosophy, such as logic, philosophy of language and philosophy of mathematics, ethics, philosophy of law and political philosophy, history of philosophy, philosophy of mind and of cognitive science, ontology and metaphysics, and philosophy of natural science and social science. The students’ thesis must fall under one of these fields.

The program requires research support activities, including directed reading overseen by the thesis supervisor, a jury-assessed thesis defense and the doctoral exam before a jury.

Our doctorate program is intended for students who want solid training in philosophy at the doctoral level and who hope to make original, creative contributions to advance current research in philosophy. Our program is distinctive in that it focuses on issues in contemporary philosophy, it is set at the crossroads of the analytic and continental traditions and it also draws on the history of philosophy.

In addition, our doctorate program has an agreement with the Université de Provence that permits our students to avail themselves of a joint/double doctoral diploma with this university. They can also take advantage of our joint supervision protocols with the universities of Pise, Nanterre and Costa Rica.

Our doctorate recipients successfully pursue post-doctoral research in North American or European universities and go on to university teaching or research careers in philosophy or related disciplines. As well, the accent on training for and through research and the focus on acquiring argumentation skills make our program an excellent entry point for positions requiring such skills.