Academic support

The master’s program requires two mandatory research seminars (PHI8700 and PHI8710). A research seminar is a single, approximately three-hour meeting where the student makes an oral presentation based on a text that must be provided to the three-member jury that includes his or her research supervisor. The presentation and text must relate directly and exclusively to the thesis that is currently underway and must demonstrate how the research is progressing. Each of the two seminars is worth three academic credits and both are mandatory requirements for the master’s program in philosophy. The goal of the seminars is to help guide and further the research done by the student in the period between their guided research and the end of the 27 credits of study.

Students cannot usually register for a first research seminar before the second semester because the guided studies course (PHI8400 Recherche dirigée en vue du mémoire) must first be completed successfully. In PHI8400, the students will fill out a progress form (Fiche de cheminement) identifying the research subject and the professor who will serve as the research supervisor.

Students must register for the second research seminar at least one semester before submitting their thesis. Seminar PHI8710 is the last academic activity of the 27 credits; successful students then register for the thesis writing course (Rédaction de mémoire) in the final semester.

Students must receive approval from their research supervisor before presenting their oral presentation at each research seminar.