Future students

future-studentsWhy study philosophy at UQAM?

For its programs. The department of philosophy offers a wide range of courses and programs from the undergraduate to the doctoral level. It is possible to enrol in a minor or a major undergraduate program (30 or 60 credits), or in a specialised baccalaureate of 90 credits. The diversity of courses available combined with the freedom to take optional courses outside the department means that students can personalize their individual progress through the program. Similarly, the graduate programs provides a variety of philosophical study: we offer a Master’s level concentration in feminist thought, a Doctoral level concentration in cognitive science, and graduate classes and research groups in epistemology, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, ethics, and history of philosophy.

For its professors. Dynamic, active, and invested in their students, the professors in the department of philosophy are a diverse group, hailing from many different backgrounds and philosophical perspectives. This provides the infrastructure for equally diverse teaching strategies and research specializations. Students will benefit from a mix of foundational training in general philosophical thought and more specialized classes focused on particular themes, problems, questions, and authors.

For the university itself. Young, open, lively, public and secular, UQAM is always ahead of the curve in education and research. This innovation and creativity is evident in its broad selection of programs as well as in its many domains of research across the humanities and the sciences.  

For Montreal. A large cosmopolitan metropolis, the city of Montreal is located at the intersection of several different philosophical currents. Here, philosophy is practiced in both French and English across the four large research and teaching universities in the city. And what to say about life in Montreal itself? Thinking about its many festivals, its neighbourhoods, its lively and welcoming citizens, its river, etc. is enough to see that Montreal is a city where life is good.